Monthly Archives: July 2009

Nanoboy Roadshow @ IMM

Whatever hair gel Nanoboy’s using these days, it’s got a firmer hold.
Nanoboy takes his posse on the road again. Venue is different, but somethings don’t change e.g. Nanoboy and Issac can only appear for 20 minutes, otherwise they run out of oxygen (literally). And he may be a superhero in the Microcosmos, but in the real world this fella could be taken down with a nudge. Hence the multiple ‘assistants’ he needs to get around.

It was a good 2 days of fun, quizzes, games, photo ops and kids screaming in general. Kudos to Adriana and Peihui for running a tight ship over the weekend’s events.

Now we just need to convince one of the girls to cosplay as Corona Jane to complete the team.

Nearly 2 years in the waiting, after its premier in the US and all around Asia, Nanoboy finally takes off on Singapore TV this Saturday 1.30pm on OKTO!

Mervin trying to describe the size of Nanoboy to a tough crowd.
The reason we do what we do. Doesn’t hurt if they buy some DVDs too.

Nanoboy back in Nov ’08. That hairdo should be illegal.