Taipei Summer

Coming from Singapore and arriving in another country, I’m seldom fazed by how hot the weather is. But Taipei did me in. 6 days of 35 °C slow cooking wasn’t the most fun, but the guys at Coolframes Digiworks, along with other fine folks, made it more than bearable.

Photo0047Coolframes’ Cats.

cgcgAlan and Lucy from CGCG. Awesome wall!

Photo0039Beryl and Molly from Gamania. Cool office!

Oh, and a swanky boutique hotel never hurts. Taipei’s got whole bunch of them so I’m definitely planning to check out a few more in the future.

Photo0027Remote toilet controls. Does everything except clean you up.

Singaporean Chinese and Taiwanese aren’t that different, be it in the way we talk, dress, or just lifestyle in general. Personally, I think the Taiwanese just edge it when it comes to having a real zest for life and just being awesome hosts, be it at a company or pub.

Photo0091Liwei and Brenda, heating it up at Shilin Night Market. Place was a furnace.

The Coolframes guys are working hard on the trailer for the new show, and it’s great being able to just sit down with the team to go through it shot-by-shot, addressing the performance markers as production starts to kick into high gear on both sides to meet the deadline for MIPCOM next month. As a first collaboration, I can’t ask for a more dedicated team who also are just a great bunch of people.





Not that there wasn’t time for some R&R, despite some of the folks having to be back in the studio over the weekend. We kept it fairly low-key this time – dinner at China White, drinks at MOD Bar, couple of dart sessions and KTV. But I’m making it a point to come back with less work on my mind and get down with the partying. One suspects there aren’t many better places in Asia to get royally sloshed.

Photo0050Hanging at China White – a restaurant that turns into a salsa club after dinner.

Photo0063Drink darting. I’d have failed a breathalyzer test. Got creamed by Jason.

Photo0073The cornerstone of every nutritious KTV meal.

Photo0079Matea, Annie and some random guy who ruins pictures of gorgeous women.

pixar2And I managed to catch the fabled Pixar exhibit that I didn’t even know was on in Taipei!

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