Nanoboy Wrap Party @ The Zoo

This one really deserved a proper party, and being the studio’s FIRST ever animated series, it was that much more special after a herculean 26 half hours’ of production that translated into almost 3 years of sweat and tears (some laughter thrown in for good measure) involving partners from Singapore, US, Canada, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Not that we’re done with Nanoboy and his Nanosquad any time soon, what with new extensions into e-publishing and additional animated content in the works.



So it was supposed to be a treasure hunt-type game, where teams of 2 run around the zoo to decipher clues to 10 animals and bring back their heads – photo-form, that is. Which is all fine, except on the list were a donkey and a camel, and there were NO such animals in the zoo. Not that day anyway.

In the end, after some  chaos and a minor uprising of sorts (all good-natured), particularly towards a haplessly defensive James the game master, all was good and forgiven. The group then head to the Night Safari next door for a well-earned dinner and beer. It might have felt more fitting to go with Tiger beer, given the surroundings, but we went for Chang beer instead. Well, it still had an elephant on the label.





The New Adventures of Nanoboy Official Website

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