Asia TV Forum

The last market of the year, The Asia Television Forum feels a bit like the youngest child of the family crying out for attention at a time when most people are making their holiday plans.

Into its 10th year, the ATF is a television-centric content market that generally attracts Asian buyers (although the same buyers presumably attend other larger scale markets like MIPCOM).

Taking place at Sunny Singapore over last Wed-Fri – actually it tends to be pretty gloomy and wet, as December is typically soaked by the monsoon season – the ATF has been based at the Suntec Convention centre since it moved from the hotel room-format to its current booth format last year.

That of course means more room for towering booth designs. Malaysia easily takes centre stage this year, with its two-storey, pent-house style pavilion.  Other booths tend to be more conservative, as though reflecting what little budget’s left for the year for another market.

For Scrawl, who does a bit of business in Asia, it’s a chance to meet a few more buyers, makes some more sales pitches, offer season’s greetings and basically wrap up another year that flew by.

It’s a busier 3 days for Jeong, who looks after sales and distribution, than it is for me, I must admit. I hardly made a pitch, although I did take a few from other producers looking for partners.

All in all, it’s a fairly manageable 3 days. Foot traffic’s pretty light at the market and it’s desperately lacking the buzz and energy of say, MIPCOM or Kidscreen. It’s worth making a trip to the ATF only if you have shows to sell into Asia. It’s not quite the place for development meetings or pitches, as those executives rarely attend.

Obviously, being a Singapore studio we try to represent by having a presence at ATF. Being held on home ground (so to speak), there’s a more relaxed feel to the proceedings, from our standpoint. I only wished more of our partners have attended. Would have been fun to take them out on a night in town. That said, it was pretty slow at the market and perhaps they didn’t miss much (except for some partying).

I can see the market becoming busier in the coming years, as the Asian content market continues to develop. This provided it staves off competition from other regional markets like BCCW (Seoul) and TIFFCOM (Tokyo).

Can’t believe it’s been another year. Can’t believe even more that the next market is barely 2 months away in freezing New York.

Instinctively, Choon Meng prepares himself for a congratulatory slap from the Acting Minister.

Scrawlers show that they don’t just create strong characters – they BECOME them.

Jeong is in waaaay too many of these party pics.

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