Boys, Toys and Toy Shows.

While I can’t discuss the details of the latest boys title we’re currently in pre-production on for a major client, I thought I’ll post some concept art from another show we’re currently developing (albeit at glacier-like speed) that inspired some of the aesthetics of the client project.

This one’s developing rather slowly, unfortunately. Part of it is due to a previous Korean partner who decided to opt out, but also just down to the lack of time to devote to developing a boys action show (that presumably would have toy potential), which is a rather massive undertaking and significantly different from the 6-12 demo comedies which we’ve done more of. But it’s definitely in the development pipeline for 2010/11.

Not that comedies are easier to develop. In many ways they’re harder, just because the sensibility is often quite specific to markets, and usually it’s down to the skill of the writer coupled with an easily understood high concept. For US / Europe, it’s practically mandatory to find a proven, western writer for comedies – usually someone the buyers are comfortable with.

Boys action is a genre where Asian creations have had a stronger track record in terms of breaking into the international market. Shows could even become a hit in Asia first, before being packaged for the west, as several anime titles have proven. Many shows created in the West also tend to replicate some of the classic action anime and its formula – boy finds powerful artifact / technology / vehicle; boy transforms into all-powerful hero / boy solves all problems with powerful artifact / technology / vehicle. Throw in the customary cool transformation sequences, girl character who counterpoints the lead, and one-sided villains bent on world domination and you’ve got the perfect Saturday morning cartoon for boys. With a bit of luck, it could even sell some toys along the way.

I’m generalising so far, but along with comedies, boys action is probably the next evergreen genre that will always be in demand, just because it’s such a digestible form of wish-fulfillment. Girls however, tend to graduate to Twilight for their own wish-fulfillment needs.

Thank god for Ben 10 and Optimus Prime.

All artwork are copyright of Scrawl Studios.

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