Happy Holidays

As per tradition, the studio closes from X’mas until after the New Year – when a new decade beckons.

In many ways it’s been a watershed year worth celebrating. The studio moved to a new home in Toa Payoh North; brought in new investors into the company; expanded into 3D; is in the process of setting up its (first) overseas production subsidiary, established its own distribution division, closed several notable deals including its second pre-school international co-production and first boys action show, and by January next year will be pushing 40 staff in-house with more trickling in.

Last month we even caught a rat that’s been terrorizing the premises for weeks. Animal lovers fear not – the rodent was released safely back into nature to fend for itself (although I’m not sure if it was the best course of action, rats being technically pests).

When work starts on January 4th, 2009 would be more or less a memory. An insane but exciting 2010 awaits.

For this intrepid poster, there’s (unbelievably) one more business trip to make before the curtain falls on 2009. More on that in the next post.

Happy holidays!

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