Knockout Shoot

The crew for Knockout, a new kids reality series on Okto, came by the studio on Sunday for their latest episode shoot. Two sets of hosts (old school & new school) faced off as they tried their hands on animation.

We went with the bread and butter of basic animation demos – the bouncing ball. There really wasn’t time (or the need) to cover things like the 12 principles or even simple drawing. The assets were all prepared beforehand and the competitors hit the workstation after only a short brief on the basic concept of animation and how-tos with the software. Truth is, the guys weren’t the first we’ve come across who thought that animation’s just pressing a few buttons on the keyboard and presto – the illusion of life!

I  won’t reveal the contest’s outcome, but hopefully the episode will help kids and audiences in general appreciate the hard work and pain that animators go through just to bring a little bit of magic onto the screen.

Also want to give a shout out to the crew from Hoods Inc. and especially the hosts Haikel, Annabel, Nigel & Jermaine, who were great sports and kept the mood light all the way till 11pm (on a Sunday!).

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