New Sails

Every March is the graduation show of probably the largest batch of animation and digital media students in Singapore, from Nanyang Polytechnic. As per tradition, it’s also a time when selected companies set up little interview booths at the campus to sieve through candidates hoping to soon get a taste of working life and all its drama.

A student’s life isn’t easy, but the great unknown after leaving school is often the most daunting episode in the life of a young adult stepping into the working world for the first time proper. There will be worries of preparing resumes and portfolios, imminent military enlistments (for the guys), heartbreaks, and the emotional realisation that a chapter of your life is about to close while the next one will, for the first time, have to be written in your own words.

We’ve all been there, one way or another. The least a potential employer can do in this instance, even if it doesn’t seem like the candidate might be suitable, is to provide some advice (hopefully good one) and pointers that would help set off the sails of the graduate in a general direction. The rest is up to how hard he or she is willing to paddle, and maybe with a bit of lucky wind, the boat would find its harbour.

Best of luck to the 2010 graduating class of the School of Interactive & Digital Media.

Bernard: “Wait a minute, this doesn’t look like the wedding package catalogue…”

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