20 Years of Animation: Pixar (Singapore)

And so the fabled Pixar exhibition comes to our little island. I visited the same exhibit back in July last year when it was on in Taipei (with a lower entry prices, I should add), and was, unsurprisingly, deeply inspired. The exhibit isn’t so much about how a Pixar movie is made, but how it is conceptualised, designed, storyboarded, and above all, treated with every ounce of care and love even before a single frame is animated. It’s very much about the pre-production process which, including story development and script, takes up to 3 years for each of Pixar’s movie. Naturally, it’s the most important aspect of any of its productions (animation itself typically takes up to a year and a half ), and the exhibit brings this point home in the most resounding fashion.

For a 3D animation studio, almost 90% of the works on display are 2D – drawings, sketches, paintings, colour reels, location designs, and the awesome Artscape – an immersive, wide-screen projection of 2D rendered digital images that gives the viewer the sensation of entering into and exploring the exquisite details of the original artworks of Pixar’s films. This should impress upon those who feel that 3D is the be all and end all (and there are many of those around who often hold the purse strings to film and TV financing) that it’s about the craft of storytelling and art – not the technology, or at least not letting it be driven by technology.

Perhaps John Lasseter puts it best when he said: “The art challenges the technology and the technology inspires the art.”

Scrawl is honoured to play a bit part in the exhibit, with a display of some of our modest work alongside the greats, many who inspire our artists daily with their limitless and profound imagination and creativity.

Be sure to pop by the Science Centre to check out this unique and inspiring exhibit.

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