Monthly Archives: July 2010

Electric Dream

CK gets down and dirty with fixing the lights in the conference room, and lives out a little Tony Stark fantasy. Would have been tragically funny if he got electrocuted.

Talking Space

What used to be the editing suite first turned into a lounge-cum-discussion area, then a make-shift meeting room and finally, the transformation is complete. The aquarium now looks at least like a self-respecting conference room, after some Ikea pimping up and minimalist (i.e. affordable) but sensible lighting. Chairs ain’t too bad too – comfortable, functional, and suitably…black. I suspect they’re not Italian.

The Bundung-coloured wall looks almost embarrassed by the rest of the somewhat corporate facade – like a 12-year-old girl late for her slumber party but the parents are too busy talking adult stuff to notice. Overall, the walls could use some life, and the room, some fun. Ideas to pimp the conference room up a notch or two:

1. A polycom conferencing system. Or Skype phone. Make it both.

2. An Xbox and Wii. Ah heck throw in a PS.

3. Framed posters of Scrawls’ shows. Or Warhol works.

4. Dart board.

5. Mirror ball (ok…maybe not).

6. Lava lamps.

7. A Predator or Dark Vader life-size statue.

8. Mini-bar.

9. Mini-bartender.

10. Sunglasses on the table (cos the company’s future’s so bright)

Feel free to suggest others.