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Embarking on a new project

It’s always challenging to embark on a new project – the unknowns, the “R & D”  and the pipeline… This new project requires us to use a lot of watercolor textures and the team’s been doing a wonderful job on it now. All will be unveiled in due course..

Calling Time (Update from August 2009)

August 2009 (See blog post)

August 2010

A modest evolution…but an evolution nonetheless.

When previously we cower, tremble, mutter and fumble our way through international conference calls, embarrassed by the sheer low tech-ness of our excuse for a conference phone, we now speak with panache, confidence and a single-mindedness to close deals, dominate production meeting calls, win arguments, and in general just sway every conference discussion our way. AND we’re saving costs – Skype rocks (most of the time).

Now get us a video camera, Bluetooth mics, a coffee machine and we’re ready for world domination.

Suitably Animated

Choon Meng suits up for August Man‘s, erm…August issue. Get it at any self-respecting news stand or bookstores.

Truth be told, animation people are rarely comfortable in suits. Not that we’re not capable of looking passably formal or even mildly hip, but we are perfectly content with t-shirts and jeans / bermudas as the office dress code.

Not a problem this time though – the good folks from August came wardrobe ready, dressing Choon Meng to the nines in a spiffy grey suit that’s so sharp it hurts.

Once the shoot’s done, the suit’s taken off, the lights fade and the cameras are quickly whisked away. Minutes later we’re all back to the grind of running an animation studio, and happily so in our t-shirts and overworn denims.