MIPCOM 2010 Pt.1

We came, we got stuck in London for a night because we missed our connection, we survived two of the reportedly worst airports in Europe in a day, we soldiered through 4 days of back-to-back meetings, and we made it home to tell the tale.

MIPCOM started early in October this year. Choon Meng was preoccupied with the slight matter of a second baby, hence it was left to me and Jeong to take this one – my 10th or 11th time in Cannes (I don’t really know for sure anymore).

When our flight from Changi took off almost 45 minutes late, I had a sneaky feeling it’s going to be a tricky transit. We were connecting through Heathrow in the evening, and eventually got in over an hour late. Our fears were founded when just before disembarking, our names were called out over the PA. We were to approach the ground staff, who subsequently told us with no pity at all that we had zero chance of catching our connecting flight to Nice.

So it was night at a airport hotel on a wet and chilly London night. We were more concerned about booking an early flight to Paris, and then on to Nice the next day, where we’ve got a pretty full schedule of meetings lined up already. Fortunately, we were able to make the bookings. Unfortunately, it meant 3 hours’ sleep as we had to be up at 4am to catch the first bus into Heathrow. We barely slept an hour. It didn’t help that the bathroom’s toilet flush didn’t work.

Scrambling to book the first flight into Paris and then Nice.

Waiting for fish and chips. What else we gonna have in London?

We got into Heathrow at 5.15am, seriously zonked out by now. Caught a flight to Paris, laboured through the meat market that is the Charles de Gaulle airport (voted worst in Europe), then on to Nice.

Premier Inn. Not so premier toilet flush.

4.45am bus into Heathrow after one hour’s sleep. Delightful.

Charles de Gaulle airport

Finally, we arrived in Cannes at 1pm, checked into our apartment, dropped off our bags, and off to our first meeting.

End of Day 1. Knackered.

Look out for Part 2.

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