MIPCOM 2010 Pt.2

Sunday was pretty rough, given that both Jeong and I had about an hour’s sleep the day before. And Monday morning started at 5am, thanks to the body clock.

It’s a funny feeling on day 1 at the market. You kinda know what to expect, but at the same time – not really. We set off this time with some specific goals in mind, and I think it gave the whole ‘mission’ a bit more focus. There’s the usual pitching and taking pitches of course, but we were looking for certain types of projects, and it drove our approach towards most meetings.

And MIPCOM is ALL about meetings. 20-30 minutes sessions, back-to-back mostly, with either lunch meetings or quick bites in between, from morning till evening and sometimes beyond. Jeong and I tried to cover for each other as needed, since it’s common that meetings overrun or overlap. After so many years, at least we know where the booths are, so running from one meeting to another, sometimes on different floors, usually takes between a couple of minutes at most.  It’s not physically that demanding, but mentally it really wears you down. Time flies though, and before long we’re walking out of the Palais with heavy steps, either heading back to the apartment to drop off out bags or to find some dinner.

In a funny way, attending these markets, often twice a year, gives you an indication of how old you’re getting. Sure, we’re still almost a couple of decades younger than a lot of the people zipping around the market grounds, but the days of hitting the lounges or bars for drinks and stumbling back to the apartment with a buzzing head are clearly over (well, not every night at least). These days, as it is back home, sometimes a nice, satisfying dinner with friends after a hard day’s work is the best tonic.

Day 2 beckons.

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