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Character Mascots for Singapore Flyer


Series of Singapore flyer’s mascot in various poses we were comissioned by client

Animation for Yamaha Motors


We were comissioned by Yamaha Motors to do a series of animation. The aim of the animation is to promote the various motor parts like spark plug, fuel filter to their clients. We conceptualise and develop a fun way of creating more awareness for the products through the use of “anime” style and exaggeration to capture the essence of why Yamaha’s motors products.

Picture book for MOE

Ministry of Education commissioned a series of children’s picture books for preschoolers and Scrawl was selected to do one of the picture books-“I can do it!” . As the picture book was meant for pre schoolers, we use more vibrant colors and the composition of the illustration was taken into consideration to enhance the experiences of the children reading it.

Illustration for a picture book pitch

A pitch project

A pitch project for Health promotion board which called for a series of recipe that parents can share with their kids on eating healthy good, especially the greens!

CNY dinner – A Crabby affair

Our annual CNY dinner. Crabs were available this time, unlike the previous year where the restaurant ran out of them.

Photo credit of Bella, with her fancy iphone

A must have for CNY dinner- Lo Hei

Proposed concept for IDA cepas card

Problem : IDA wants to create a greater awareness on the CEPAS card and let the general public know it can be used for other purposes beside public transport.The card can be used for purchases at 7-11 , supermarkets etc but not alot of consumers are aware of it

Solution: We created a” larger than life” card and our concept revolves around the consumers using the card at ease, despite its size. We took photos of our office colleagues and “photoshopped” various items and merchandise for them. As the target audience is the general public, we try to make it impactful and tongue- in -cheek . Nothing too highbrow . Unfortunately, we did not get the project but it was  a good learning experience for us. 

Our collaboration with wonky films on coldhardflash

Here’s a sample segment from a new series concept from Wonky Films and Scrawl Studios. It’s titled iLand, a Flash-animated project aimed at 6-12 years olds. The one and only Peter Peake (Aardman) is the writer behind the project, and what you see here was directed by Miki Cash and Joe Wood.

Rushing a project

This is a project we just completed for a client.The team had only one week to rush out the project. The video footages was provided by our client and our job scope involved creating the animation to be overlayed onto it. It was an interesting project and it’s always “fun” to rush a project to see it to completion.

A blast from the past

This is Nanoboy in pixel form .We were developing a Nanoboy mobile game prototype and this was the era WELL BEFORE before the age of the iPhone.