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Our collaboration with wonky films on coldhardflash

Here’s a sample segment from a new series concept from Wonky Films and Scrawl Studios. It’s titled iLand, a Flash-animated project aimed at 6-12 years olds. The one and only Peter Peake (Aardman) is the writer behind the project, and what you see here was directed by Miki Cash and Joe Wood.

Rushing a project

This is a project we just completed for a client.The team had only one week to rush out the project. The video footages was provided by our client and our job scope involved creating the animation to be overlayed onto it. It was an interesting project and it’s always “fun” to rush a project to see it to completion.

A blast from the past

This is Nanoboy in pixel form .We were developing a Nanoboy mobile game prototype and this was the era WELL BEFORE before the age of the iPhone.

Nanoboy Comic – Coming Soon!

A work in progress on the Nanoboy comic book we are currently working on.

Nanoboy in Lego world

This is how Nanoboy would look like in Lego world

A Thought on Interns at Scrawl

Ever since Scrawl Studios was founded  8 years ago, we have had interns of all shapes and sizes passing through our door. Some are good, some maybe…could do with a bit more self-motivation.  There have been interns who went the extra mile and others who frankly, we were glad to see the back of. With each batch of interns, we always hope that they can learn something from their short stint here at Scrawl. It can be something as basic as work ethic – being punctual for work; taking responsibility for their actions; discipline when it comes to deadlines etc. What’s important is to understand that working in an animation studio is not a walk in the park and so much depends on the individual intern’s hard work and effort. To quote one of our recent interns: “I am here to solve problems”. He may not yet realise the magnitude of the problems that are about to come, but at least that’s the right attitude.

We’ve also been lucky enough to have many interns with not only the talent and passion but very importantly, the right attitude and work ethic, join the studio later on as full-fledge animators and artists.

Here’s a big THANK YOU to all the interns who have worked at Scrawl all these years and who have contributed to the studio in their own ways!

From Storyboard to Animation

This was a commissioned project we did some time back . The project is for a theme park in China that allows kids to “role play” their dream jobs. We were asked to produce an animation trailer to introduce the concept of the park as well as the mascots themselves. It’s always interesting to see how a static storyboard transform into animation. There’s just something magical about it if you think how it all happens.