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HP ForeFront 2010 – KL

I was invited to HP’s regional event in KL – HP ForeFront 2010, mainly because Scrawl has been quite a good customer of HP’s. In our recent foray in 3D, we chose to use HP workstations as our main workhorse.

The stage is set

The event was held in Westin Hotel, and HP kindly put us up in the same hotel too. Nice hotel with a good spread for breakfast.

The workstations were nothing new, as we already have been using them for the past year. I must say that we had some initial problems with the workstations and Maya 2009, but it was eventually solved by HP’s support team.

Sweet notebooks

One of the things that caught my eye was their mobile workstation, featuring all the high end stuff, and more importantly in our world, an IPS (in-plane switching) monitor, for industry standard, colour accurate rendition. I just wonder how much battery it’ll suck up when you’re on the road doing “normal” stuff like email and word documents.

The idea of having a colour accurate professional-grade monitor on the road is sweet though…

Liquid cooled for whisper quiet operation

Ok, this is where it gets geeky. See the pipes leading to a storeage tank where the HP logo is? These are the cooling units for the 2 CPUs in the PC. This ensures whisper quiet operation as you won’t get fans blowing at full force when you’re doing serious graphic work. Cool.

Parting gift

The big prize at the lucky draw at the end of the event was a EliteBook, but of course, I didn’t have such luck. The last time I won something at a lucky draw was a lady’s handbag.

While it was expected that I won’t walk away with the big prize, it was unexpected to walk into my hotel room and find a parting gift sitting on my bed – an OSIM eye massager, complete with a personalised velvet bag holder for it. Very thoughtful. HP played a good host to the whole event, and I am glad that I chose HP.

Scrawl Suzhou

I ended year 2009 here in Suzhou, trying to setup Scrawl Suzhou at lightning speed.

In my first trip here, we’ve more or less settled on the location. This trip, I’m here to do up all the necessary paperwork to first get the company registered, then lease agreement, renovations, banking, accounts, human resource, buying furniture… the list goes on

In just a couple of days, I managed to get the approval to do business here, but to get the actual licence done up, it’s a different department, and I guess I’ll have to wait till my next trip here in 2010 to get the licence itself.

In this past 2 weeks, I’ve gotten myself rather familiar with Suzhou and Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). Pace here is nice, traffic is not so congested and most importantly, people here are generally quite nice. There is a Chinese saying that goes ”上有天堂,下有苏杭“。 Literally translated, it says “up in the skies, there is heaven, down below on earth, there is Suzhou and Hangzhou”, which implies that Suzhou and Hangzhou are comparable to heaven!

Suzhou Li Gong Di

So I guess that is why our MM Lee KY chose Suzhou to setup SIP. I must say that SIP does have its appeal and attraction. First time I was here, I was wondering to myself “this isn’t the China I know”. The China I know is in the likes of Shanghai – congested, bad traffic, organised in a disorganised way. SIP is really quite different. With my limited vocabulary, I find it hard to describe the difference. A trip here would say it all.

Idea Pump Station - where Scrawl Suzhou will be located

We chose to locate our office here. It used to be a water pump station (hence the name), which they refurbished it into a creative hub. There are at least 3-4 other animation companies located in this building. The “idea” behind this pump station is for ideas to continue flowing like the water in a pump.

In my next trip here, I’ll be following up with the reno etc.

Happy New Year!