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Four Seasons Of Love

No, it’s not some 5-star hotel chain spinoff for couples. It’s one of the prettiest animated shows on television (in selected countries) right now.

Guess How Much I Love You – The Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare is a co-production between Scrawl Studios and Australia’s SLR Productions. Based On the best-selling picture book that for over 15 years has enchanted children and adults the world over, this beautiful new series tell stories of a father and son’s efforts to measure how much they love each other. The 52-episode series is divided into 4 seasons of stories.

Here’s a peak at each season in this wonderful new pre-school show. Happy Father’s Day!

Keeping It In The Family

I can’t remember how this happened, but I’m working with my Dad’s company – and him – on a new Scrawl project.

Basically, my old man’s really, really , really good at Chinese. In fact he’s been teaching it for 30 years. And he has his own school. And somehow he got into the iPad (even though he still hasn’t got one) and thought why couldn’t he teach Chinese AND look tech savvy?

So we’re working with him to develop a new iPad application that could bring his transformative powers in Chinese education to the Apple generation.

I have to admit I tried to distance myself from the project at the beginning. It’d just feel weird, I thought. But who was I kidding. The boss soon threw me on the project like a patty on a grill.

There have been family dinners where I had to tell Dad he’s kinda late on the next draft of the lesson plan, or he should really be thinking about what his royalty percentage should be, and how much he should be budgeting for himself as investment in return for equity…you know, just in case me and my unscrupulous colleagues rip him off.

But nah, to be honest there’s less conflict of interest than I expected – mostly because Dad isn’t too big on the commercail details. At times it’s almost like he’s in it for the fun and is just curious to see how students react to his lessons on an iPad.

Speaking of which, there is a borderline unscrupulous thing I’m trying to do – sell Dad my generation one iPad.

I need a new one.

Suddenly it struck Sewling where Ervin got his good looks from.

Scrawl’s short film ‘Flats’ wins at VSIFF 2011

Scrawl Studios’ short film about a pair of siblings as they explore their HDB estate after school – and a paean to our living Singapore landscape – took home the “I Want To Remember” award, sponsored by the Singapore Arts Festival, at the recently concluded Very Short International Film Festival 2011.

Founded in Paris and now in its 13th year, The VSIFF is an international event that spans 20 countries and 80 cities, providing an integrated platform for screenings, workshops and competition in each country. View the film HERE.

Nanoboy Comic – Coming Soon!

A work in progress on the Nanoboy comic book we are currently working on.

From Storyboard to Animation

This was a commissioned project we did some time back . The project is for a theme park in China that allows kids to “role play” their dream jobs. We were asked to produce an animation trailer to introduce the concept of the park as well as the mascots themselves. It’s always interesting to see how a static storyboard transform into animation. There’s just something magical about it if you think how it all happens.

Short Animation by Scrawl

An unfinished short animation titled ‘Flats’ that the studio did recently for a project (that unfortunately have been put on hold). It’s a visual piece on the ubiquitous HDB flats in Singapore through the eyes of a little boy and his kid sister. It’s pretty self explanatory and the team did great work particularly on the art direction. It is just a few minutes of a viewer’s attention but it was blood, sweat and toil working on it… from deciding the mood, colors, right down to the character design and of course animation. Singapore’s flats are a fecund ground for inspiration!

Music composed by Tenmon and taken from ‘Voices of a Distant Star’ (2002) directed by Makoto Shinkai.

Embarking on a new project

It’s always challenging to embark on a new project – the unknowns, the “R & D”  and the pipeline… This new project requires us to use a lot of watercolor textures and the team’s been doing a wonderful job on it now. All will be unveiled in due course..