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Healthy Lifestyle

Poll by Scrawl staff (only 50% voted) on their preferred sport / exercise activity on each Thursday, starting…today!

Happy Halloween

That’s not a mask of Bella. It’s actually her.


Apparently there was a PINK day in the studio recently. Need to work on our internal communications, guys… Or maybe no one wanted to see me in pink (which would be understandable).

Music Sooths The Savage Beast

The ‘savage beast’ in this case probably refers to the merciless and unrelenting production schedule for a certain animated TV show starring a rabbit – hardly a beast, but tell that to the horde of animators working long and arduous hours in the studio, through weekends sometimes, to complete the production on time.

It’s not an easy sight to digest (staff working overtime everyday), and often one comes dangerously close to taking it for granted. But these troopers are the gears and levers that keep the studio functioning – like a machine, which is what’s needed for a production to run as planned. Invariably, there will be kinks, need for maintenance, and sometimes even an overhaul of the engine to keep the machine at peak performance. Sometimes parts need to be changed, joints need to be greased, and when push comes to shove, the machine is cranked into overdrive.

Our guys and girls in the studio are of course not machines (despite the annoying overuse of metaphors previously). If they are then they are self-aware, which would make Scrawl like…Skynet! The upside of an overworked studio, if one can call it an ‘upside’, is the inevitable development of a certain positive culture and support system that helps sustain morale and perhaps make the long hours just a bit more bearable – be it a duet with a couple of guitars, or a late night order of McDonald’s, or sharing a few minutes’ cigarette break and chit-chat beneath the pale moonlight.

Granted, we all wish everyone goes home on time and live a proper life outside of making cartoons. It’s not always possible, such is the inexorable nature of deadlines and broadcast commitments. But we’re trying guys, we really are.

Calling Time (Update from August 2009)

August 2009 (See blog post)

August 2010

A modest evolution…but an evolution nonetheless.

When previously we cower, tremble, mutter and fumble our way through international conference calls, embarrassed by the sheer low tech-ness of our excuse for a conference phone, we now speak with panache, confidence and a single-mindedness to close deals, dominate production meeting calls, win arguments, and in general just sway every conference discussion our way. AND we’re saving costs – Skype rocks (most of the time).

Now get us a video camera, Bluetooth mics, a coffee machine and we’re ready for world domination.

Suitably Animated

Choon Meng suits up for August Man‘s, erm…August issue. Get it at any self-respecting news stand or bookstores.

Truth be told, animation people are rarely comfortable in suits. Not that we’re not capable of looking passably formal or even mildly hip, but we are perfectly content with t-shirts and jeans / bermudas as the office dress code.

Not a problem this time though – the good folks from August came wardrobe ready, dressing Choon Meng to the nines in a spiffy grey suit that’s so sharp it hurts.

Once the shoot’s done, the suit’s taken off, the lights fade and the cameras are quickly whisked away. Minutes later we’re all back to the grind of running an animation studio, and happily so in our t-shirts and overworn denims.

Electric Dream

CK gets down and dirty with fixing the lights in the conference room, and lives out a little Tony Stark fantasy. Would have been tragically funny if he got electrocuted.

Talking Space

What used to be the editing suite first turned into a lounge-cum-discussion area, then a make-shift meeting room and finally, the transformation is complete. The aquarium now looks at least like a self-respecting conference room, after some Ikea pimping up and minimalist (i.e. affordable) but sensible lighting. Chairs ain’t too bad too – comfortable, functional, and suitably…black. I suspect they’re not Italian.

The Bundung-coloured wall looks almost embarrassed by the rest of the somewhat corporate facade – like a 12-year-old girl late for her slumber party but the parents are too busy talking adult stuff to notice. Overall, the walls could use some life, and the room, some fun. Ideas to pimp the conference room up a notch or two:

1. A polycom conferencing system. Or Skype phone. Make it both.

2. An Xbox and Wii. Ah heck throw in a PS.

3. Framed posters of Scrawls’ shows. Or Warhol works.

4. Dart board.

5. Mirror ball (ok…maybe not).

6. Lava lamps.

7. A Predator or Dark Vader life-size statue.

8. Mini-bar.

9. Mini-bartender.

10. Sunglasses on the table (cos the company’s future’s so bright)

Feel free to suggest others.

Rainy Days

Random Studio Toy